Environmental Endeavors

Arboretum Project

My Arboretum Project was started in 1988 as a means to teach middle school aged students at the Amherst Middle School applied mathematics, appreciation of the splendor of trees, to open the mind and spirit to the love of learning and maybe a career. Go to this site to read about how the arboretum was created, tree list, sample lessons and photos of students over the years. 

Coverts Project

After acquiring 45 acres of woodland (1989) in real need of 'repair' due to past misuse, I was introduced to the world of forest and wildlife management by my forester. The workshop and seminars brought together all aspects of working with and for the land and wildlife. 


Chapter 61 (A)

A management plan of the forest which organizes the proper awareness of what is there and what needs to be done to improve past misuse and damage; The benefits both financial and communitarian.

Stewardship Program

The highest world standards. The program encourages landowners to balance ecological, economic, and social values of the forest and to apply long-term thinking to improve the wildlife habitat, protect soil and water resources and ensure a source for high quality renewable wood products. Eighty-five acres of our forest land in now under the Stewardship Program.


Horse Logging

Low impact logging, though time consuming and with less financial payback, still offers many rewards which in my opinion outweigh the negatives. I was fortunate to have this service available. Log roads rebound quickly with less overall impact on esthetics.
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