Cover Letter                                                                        August 2013

Over the last 32 years I have taught a variety of subject matter to a wide variety of students in a wide variety of places. If you take the time to read over a few of my professional references I hope you will come away with the impression that I am able and love to teach. The pages of my vitae are intended to outline my teaching experience, provide teaching reference as well as some insight into my character as a person. I have just completed a six year Masters program for Period Furniture and am now focused on conserving as well as making period furniture. It is a ‘very deep well’ of knowledge that I will never hopefully find the bottom of.

My interests are all over the place. In each one there is a common thread and that is problem solving. Discovery of how and why something was done in all areas of study is fascinating to me. I love to ‘fix’ things. Exploring what you find intriguing and making connections to other fields of thought weaves it all together forming a joy of learning. As a teacher of mathematics for 27 years I hoped to provide this type of connection in applied math projects, from Islamic Art and Geometry to Arboretum data collection, mapping, music, astronomy and mechanics. The use of math as a tool of discovery or a tool of creation; building structures, moving objects, making the goal, the desired outcome possible.

I love to teach to see how different people see the same things differently. In the last few years since I left the formal classroom, I have been both the learner and teacher. I believe in a couple of old sayings give a glimpse into this value system of teaching:

“calm seas do not make a skillful sailor”

“He who has imagination without discipline, has wings but no feet”

“smart is not always having the answer…. It is knowing what to do when you don’t”

It was in that spirit I jumped into the Tech Coordinators' position for a Macintosh computer based elementary school this last June of 2010. I spent a week at "Business Rules", a certified Apple Education center during the summer learning Server Management for the OS 10.6. At the end of the school year, I completed my obligation and was unable to convince the administration of my concerns about time and supervision; and so I 'took my hat' with regret.
I believe it is best to be happy at what one does whenever possible and this was, in all likelihood not possible under the circumstances, so I decided to look for a new challenge.

To teach well requires a firm grasp on a wide variety of skills: organizational, technical, communication and on the most fundamental level the ability to instill faith. It is in having the ability to find the last solid ground on which a student stands in their ability to work with a concept, and from this point, build a scaffold of their own thoughts. This allows them to 'make the leap' in understanding to the next level. Most of this technique is personal, intuitive and natural, especially on a one to one basis. It is my belief that a teacher does more than distribute knowledge. A teacher creates an environment whereby the individual builds on what they know, reject what they have miss-learned and formulates a higher understanding based on that solid foundation. Students need to have confidence in realizing what they know. They need to be at ease with the knowledge that there is no 'finish line', just a next step in their understanding.

This ‘cover letter’ is pretty much like my websites that I have put together over the years. My business: Lordwoodcraft, my classroom page (now old) and the resume site hopefully will give you an image from which you may form a first impression. I hope you have time to
go through them. I would then very much like to sit and talk about what you would like me to tackle.
I look forward to hearing from you,

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