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Rob took away an old and terribly damaged table -- which had been in use for over 100 years at the Buckland Public Library -- and returned a gorgeously restored antique. The tabletop, which had been treated about as well as a picnic table, came back gleaming. I know that he appreciated the original craftsmanship in the ornate base, with its eight finials, twelve medallions, and ornately turned legs, because his work on it was meticulous. Despite all that, I was skeptical when he left with a truckful of rickety chairs, several of them unusable or in pieces, and further delighted when he came back with a handsome and sturdy set. Our newly renovated space sings with its original furniture returned to its former glory! Rob was a pleasure to work with, and his dedication and talent is unmistakable.

Liz Jacobson-Carroll, Director
Buckland Public Library

James McDonald  Northampton

Rob has worked on a few pieces of furniture for me. In each case he explained how the original was made and which woods were used. We then talked through how he would repair them while keeping in mind the period they were from. It is almost as if the original cabinet maker were doing it and the results have been spectacular. Possibly this is an inappropriate word for work that is virtually invisible. I can recommend him without reservation.

J.B. Western Franklin County

I was having new windows installed and to do that I had to move my family heirloom, an antique grandfather clock that has been in my family since the time my grandparents married. My family loves that clock. I moved the clock and it fell over and smashed on the floor. It was devastating. The family history, the spouse who winds it daily, my fault, small pieces of wood all over the floor. I knew of Robert and called him. He came to the house, picked up the top of the clock and all the splinters I had created. A couple of weeks latter, he returned the clock. It was so well repaired no one  knew, not my family only Robert and I and my secret sharing friends. To this day my partner has no suspicion.
Thank you Robert.

Dr. Steve Guy  Northampton

Rob has restored two antique furniture pieces for us, an Empire Secretary and a dresser. The secretary's fall flap was useless having been torn from its hinges. The hinges were bent, structural damage to the desk core as well as torn and missing pieces of veneer. Rob painstakingly and expertly repaired the hinges back to square. He removed damaged core wood and replaced it as well as matched the veneer and stain. The damaged area now can hardly be seen without very close examination. The once unusable desk is now, once again a functional and attractive piece of furniture. Throughout the process, Rob explained what needed to be done. He took photographs throughout the process showing the steps in repairing the piece. His work is meticulous. I recommend him highly.

Cathy Chandler   Leeds

Thank you for all your work. Everything looks wonderful. You are truly gifted.

Suzanne Taylor   Ashfield
Rob has done more than one job for my family. The most recent being the repair of a wing back chair. While not a period piece it was a chair that was well loved but unfortunately had a broken leg. Rob repaired the broken leg and reinforced the remaining legs. He was able to improve the way the legs were installed and now our chair is better than new! Rob has a gift for looking at a problem and finding the best solution. His work is excellent and we can wholeheartedly recommend him.

Jane Edwards    Conway


Bob and I are so pleased with the walnut cabinet and the desk (and, of course, the legs to the
table). They look like new pieces of furniture. Thank you so much.

I showed Bob your slides of your work you gave us on CD but, of course, could not give him the commentary and was wondering
if you would mind going through the disk with him on Saturday.

Thank you for everything. We are very happy with the final products.
The chair  looks totally amazing.