Restoration and Conservation

Major structural and veneer damage.

Creating a structure for reconstruction and assembly.

Mirror restored to pre drop condition.

Slant top desk, fall flap broken off hardware with considerable core damage.

Hardware points torn from wood.

Wood frame and core beneath veneered surface split.

Fall flap core frame where screws once held lowering hardware shattered.

Restored core and veneer with matching finish.

Structual repair complete.

Coat and Umbrella stand arm broken in three places.

Splintered arm.

After joints repaired, 4 simultaneous clamping methods.

Integrity restored.

Finish repair blended to match.

In use again.

Multiple issues: finished damaged, veneer broken and blistered, drawer runners damaged, dovetails loose and top finish marred by plastic wrap contamination.

Pre-restoration .

Each veneer damaged area shape is copied and a piece is hand cut to match.

Each veneer piece is hide glued in place with linen paper under layment and then stained to match.

Replacement veneer piece after gluing, pre stain.


Missing Mohogany veneer piece and replacement piece prior to color matching. Each piece is cut to match by jeweler’s saw.

Back to function and beauty.

Restored veneer and finish.

Top finish marred by plastic wrap contamination.

Marred finish.

Contaminant removed and finish restored.

Contaminant removed and finished restored.

Roll Top desk. Harware broken inside and structural damage to case. Must be dismantled to repair.

Assessment and repair of drawer dovetails, snd partitions.

Repair of case slide rails and reinforced hardware points.

Fully functional again.

1800's Grandfather clock extensive damaged by fall.

Extensive structural and cosmetic damage.

Clock molding damage.

Creative clamping of finials.

Restored Clock face housing.

Clock returned home.

Replaced holly stringing on drawer.

Family maple rocker with broken leg. and replacement, pre staining.

Restored family maple rocker.

Library cane chair dismantled. Extensive water damage from flood.

Removing old oxidized finish.

Dismantling of chairs for tenon repair and re-glueing.

Comparison in pre and post refinishing.

A gallary of reclaimed, cane library chairs ready for public use once again.

Library table surface. Finish and surface brought down to accepable level of functional smooth by cabinet scraper.

New more durable, hard finish applied.

Pre re-assembly waxing of leaf slides.

Restored table at home in renovated town library.

Table with compromised finish as well as structural and age damage.

Removal of finish.

Locating and extracting compromised wood.

Stabilizing loose features.

Sealing and building the finish.

Conserved table top.

Sulky. Badly damaged in runaway.

Sulky rebuilt with white ash.

Sulky back on the road.

Slant top desk…oh my… poorly done old venner patch broken out as well as core material. Broken key embedded in mechanism.

Restored core, veneer and match stain wwwith new/old brass escutcheon.

Lock repaired and functional. Best possible surface match with previous “repair” work damage.

Drawers rebuilt, fall flap hinge area rebuild, new hardware and a blended refinishing for asthectics.

Leg section from an Empire period table. Casters and base areas broken or missing.

Raw wood exposed, stain gone, finish flaking off.

Last step after stain matching is to rebuild and blend in new finish to achieve a dignified appearance.

Three sections of legs with restored structural, functional and aesthetic elements.

Underside of Empire walnut table. Leaf extensions either broken or with powder post beetle damage.

Powder post beetle damage. Remove and replace with new material.

Surface of two foot wide single piece walnut with a split and bowing in the middle of table top.

Jarrah wood bridge plate used underneath table to align and flatten split.

Central section top restored by blended shellac finish.

Skirt carving detail cleaned and top coated (finish).

Walnut Table re-assembled.

Back to functional beauty.

Restoration Complete

Walnut side board cabinet front doors, Extensive damage to trim, panels, frame, hinge areas and lock area.

Doors dismantled, tenons and mortises cleaned. Panel badly warped.

Doors reassembled, panels flattened, re-glued tenons and squared to match frame. New period hardware for doors. New lock mechanism.

Trim overlap area on door snapped off and previous attemps at repair …nails!

Door breakage and nails.

Restored cabinet doors.

A beautiful piece of furniture. Dignity of its age restored and fully functional.

Mahogany cabinet with 2 broken legs and one missing. Frame damage and warping. Finish in very bad condition.

After attemps to conserve finish proved unsuccessful due to a previous repair mixing of finishes, surface cabinet scraped to veneer surface.

Match stained.

Restored. New legs. and edge molding damaged repaired.

Mahogany rush chair in abysmal condition. split rails, broken pin tenons,arms vbroken in 6 places leg split missing piece and rush seat dried out.

Chair arms.

Chair disassembled.

Hide glue split rails.

Broken tenon pins removed and new installed.

Chair leg bottom broken off. Planned flat.

Laminating pieces to build up leg.

Pre carving.

Leg laminate shaped to leg shape and stained to match color of original wood.

Chair arms broken a critical joint. Cross grain support added with marine epoxy.

Additional corner braced of Jarrah wood added to arm bases. Re finishing.

Chair though certainly not as new, is functional, sturdy and with seat re-shellaced.

1865 Melodium Rosewood veneer cabinet. Extensive bubbling, blisters and splits.

After treatment. Veneer is flat and ready to be refinished.